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The latest news

sep 2022

Under the motto 'cut the crap' the following things have been removed:

   -quote of the day and -settings, including color scheme

The easteregg still exists.

Also added some streets and houses.

jun 2022

Small things changed, eg multistate header removed.

Jan 2022

Start page changed and some layout things changed.

At the same time improved some translations and added German translation.

Adjustments to layout.

Dec 2019

May 2019

Just back from holidays in Germany.

Visited a radio museum , very impressive

-> Internationales Radiomuseum Hans Necker


Adjusted the navigation.

Made it real multilingual.

May 2019

April 2018

Added English translation

November 2017

Added streets and houses that are known to me

June 2017

Gone live

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