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In my childhood I've built different types of the Pionier.

Over time I lost a lot of parts, sadly.

But in 2014 I managed to buy an original construction box of the Pionier II.


Philips Pioneer II



And there it is, over 50 years old!

Of course the traces of dirt, moisture and light are clearly visible, as to be expected.

Download here

or view the pages one by one   (dutch only)

Booklet for the salesman of Pionier construction boxes
(dutch only)
bouwdoos Philips Pionier II

The lid off and tadaah ...

The first thing we see is the cardboard box.

made a little model

mini Pionier

Then the rest of the contents, everything neatly packed.

And what a catchy text:

 blijvend plezier met een PHILIPS Pionier 

in english

lasting pleasure with a PHILIPS Pionier


Here some recognizable parts , as the OA79, the ferrite rod, the potentiometer and the tuning capacitor.

Now the pressing question:

   do I leave everything intact or do I built it?


Everything unpacked and sorted.

The decision has been made:
                          Yes, build it!

The book was not there, but fortunately I still kept that one.

Download here:


The first steps, the input for antenna and earth (very important), the potentiometer and the tuning capacitor mounted.


grounding on a heating radiator


Detail with the OA79


The coil wound.

It struck me that the rubber rings were not dehydrated.


Connecting the windings.

And all that without soldering!



but there is still room left..


Well visible here are the transistors, 2x OC13, the three resistors and the two elco's.

bouwdoos Philips Pionier II
bouwdoos Philips Pionier II
reclame Pionier II
















blijvend plezier met een Philips Pionier
bouwdoos Philips Pionier II
detail Pionier 2
bouwen van Pionier II
bouwen van Pionier II
bouwen van Pionier II
bouwen van Pionier II
bouwen van Pionier II
detail Pionier 2
detail Pionier 2
detail Pionier 2


The result

Detail: at the back, at the top left, there is actually room 

               made for the cord of the earphone.

Pionier II - klaar met bouwen

Start listening ...

of course, battery forgotten

Pionier II klaar


Unfortunately, there are almost no more Mid-wave transmitters, but a self made AM transmitter does the trick

End of a Nostalgic Story


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